• Procedure Carts (incl. Broselow Cart)  
  • Operating Tables and Accessories  
  • PediStirrup  
  • Surgical Trolleys  
  • Theatre Lights  
  • Lightsources and Headlights  
  • Single-use Surgical Instruments  
  • X-Ray Gowns  
  • Stretchers  
  • Electronic Tourniquets  
  • Exsanguinator  
  • Syringe Infusion System  
  • HiPOT Insulation Tester  
  • Warming Cabinets  
  • Patient Sliders  
  • Vacuum Mattresses  
  • Storage Systems  
  • Gel Pads  
  • Res-Q-Vac Handheld Suction Device  
  • DAY SURGERY Equipment  

 • X-Ray Gowns

Xenolite is the most recognised and tested lightweight X-ray protection product in the world. Xenolite offers four core material options that will give the appropriate protection levels. Many style options, patterns and colour choices are available in Vest Skirt Sets, Frontal Aprons and Full Wrap gowns.

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Copyright © 2007 Medical Devices Pty Ltd